Updated: April 3 2023

“Genius is evenly distributed by zip code. Opportunity and access are not.” - Mitch Kapor

We view Goodie Nation’s role in the innovation ecosystem as two-fold:

  1. Helping startups reach their next milestone.
  2. Helping talented people reach the next milestone in their personal and professional lives.

We’ve designed our team and fellowship program to address the second point - as platform to provide dope people with opportunity and access. This year, we're growing our team, via several fellowships, to help even more social entrepreneurs and diverse founders in reach their potential. Click on the links below for more information.

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Organization Overview

Goodie Nation exists to eliminate the relationship gap that stands in the way of success for too many promising entrepreneurs, especially those who are people of color, women, or aren't located in coastal financial centers. Our super power is the ability to make the right connection at the right time, and we leverage an extensive network to create deep relationships that lead to revenue and funding, less stress, and more polished CEOs.

Our ultimate goal is that everyone is always thinking about how to pay it forward. It becomes second nature rather than thinking about how to help founders. We envision a world where all hard-working entrepreneurs, no matter their background nor location, have access to the relationships they need to create a better and more sustainable future for us all.

Where our community sits today:

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Note: All opportunities are remote, though based in the United States of America unless otherwise noted.